How To Be An Internet Marketing Newbie!

Do you want to learn how to earn money from blogging? If so, you will find that it is much simpler than you think. Blogging is basically a type of online diary that the owner can use for pleasure or business. There are many people, from all around the world, have already found ways to monetize their web log to earn some extra cash or even a full-time salary.

Most tech blogs approach the subject of iPad vs laptop by discussing the pros and cons of each. Here, we will see how the suitability of each of the devices changes with the kind of work you use it for or the type of user you are.

But Google and other search engines seem to love this structure. A blog is seen as an authority and as a provider of fresh content. So the search engines will reward you with a lot of traffic if you write at least once WordPress blogs per week.

A blog is a fast way to test if you can build a database of clients. If people are interested in your information they will be happy to give you their email address. If your information is valuable they will return to your site to get the latest updates or they can subscribe to your RSS feed.

I stumbled across a tech tutorial site recently by accident. I figured it would be a good spot to throw up a few of the Joomla and till hemsidan tutorials I had. Took about 10 minutes to create a profile and submit my entries. It is still really early yet, but this one looks great for actually driving traffic to your site. Within 2 days I had already gotten more site visits from this one aggregator than all of the article submission sites combined.

I like forum support with my themes. Most free themes don’t come with support. You’re on your own. I like the fact I can jump into a forum and get answers to my questions.

The way this is done is to use a 301 redirect for all of your backlinks. All of them! And yes, if you create a 301 redirect and then use that as the URL for say an article marketing campaign, you still get credited with your chosen anchor text.

If you really would like to make money online with that web site of yours, use graphic design tools. For instance, there are some fantabulous free Photoshop templates that you could use. If you are able to, search for some images to add to your site. You have to be careful though, use only images that you are 100% sure you can use so you don’t get in trouble with the owners of the images. This is a good and quick way to improve the look and quality of your site, thus, the monetary value of said site.

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How To Be An Internet Marketing Newbie!

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