Holiday Book Drive A Success

Birthdays appear and vanish, celebration of another year gone by. Personally, my birthday has just been yet another day. Although with a good note, sharing my birthday with the Savior has meant I didn’t have to work on my small birthday.

Everyone goes out to eat on a Marrakech excursions. It can get very expensive. Most restaurants will have a limited menu where they will jack up the prices. What you can do to avoid this is pick another day during that week to celebrate. You will get the regular priced menu. You will not have to deal with the big crowd on the day of the holiday. You can have a nice relaxing dinner at a not jacked up price.

I then started to think about a new career. Given that I am now senior in my role, I may be able to use my skills that are transferable to find a more challenging role. I looked at training to become a Legal Secretary, but when researching it I became concerned. There is a lot of typing and this is not my favourite element of Secretarial duties.

So take advice but don’t take it blindly, make your own mind up and take your time to ensure the property is right for your needs – only you know them.

Use tubes of white gel frosting to make outlines and faces on the cookies. Or mix half a box of Confectioner’s sugar, with one teaspoon of pure vanilla and water to make your own icing. Add enough water until the mixture is smooth and brush it onto the cookies.

TIP #1: Make a Grocery List, And Stick To It – Plan your meals for the week and shop only for the foods that you need to complete your meals. Be sure to check your kitchen for foods that you may already have that are needed for your meals. This will prevent you from buying certain foods unnecessarily.

Almost everyone who has made a New Year resolution to lose weight and exercise has either forgotten those vows or has lost just enough to splurge on candy and other sweets.

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Holiday Book Drive A Success

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