Get Traffic 3.0: Creating Targeted Traffic On Facebook

Have you ever wondered how the big guns have so many Facebook fans? Or ever stumble upon a Facebook page and said to yourself, “I wish I could just buy Facebook likes!” Well you can!

On one hand, I realized I still must not get seo. I don’t consciously use seo techniques for every article, but when I think the piece might be searchable, I try to. Yet, the hits to my articles on ESL students and Gleeks, the ones I thought would do well, still yielded little in the way of PV’s.

Trade promotions with a similar business: Instead of making your competition your enemy, make them your friend. Offer to promote their page in a status if they’ll do the same for you. Your page will be promoted amongst their followers, and their page will get exposure amongst your followers. You can even “like” each others pages. These likes will show up on the left side of your fan page, so that when fans visit the page, they’ll see that a company has liked yours and may be inclined to like it as well.

Once your goods are imported, they instantly show up on your own website. It is possible to precisely import hundreds of products in a couple of minutes and have your own website fully populated. The notion of being able to download this type of platform for free and set it up on your website in just a matter of minutes is entirely extraordinary.

Where was I? Oh yea, social proof. If you’ve got tons of social proof, then that goes a long way in building trust. After all,if so many other people like you, why shouldn’t anybody else? A great way to do this is by getting those social sharing buttons. When people pop onto your website, and they see you’ve already got thousands of ปั๊มไลค์ and tweets, you’re in business.

I like Youtube because it gets so many visitors to their website everyday. It’s currently the number 3 ranked website on the internet in terms of website traffic, and I think you can take this strategy and use it to get alot of views to your videos, and also alot of hits back to your website also. It’s gets millions of visitors each and everyday!

There is still a lot to learn about how to utilize SEO. Yet every piece of information you gain is helpful. Use what you learned today, but also remember to search for new ideas about how to increase your site’s search engine ranking. Good luck in all of your endeavors.

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Get Traffic 3.0: Creating Targeted Traffic On Facebook

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