Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Columbia Minerva Tone

In the world of fashion, the acceptability of vintage clothing seems to change with the economy. When everything’s going good and people are making lots of money, vintage apparel goes out of style. It gets associated with thrift shops and other types of used clothing, and this comes with a stigma. When people are making money, no one wants to look like they’re forced to pinch pennies.

vintage clothing stores are a great source for slightly used designer name brands as well as new items. Most azulejos para cocinas stores are not limited to only vintage clothing from the past seven decades. In Long Beach, California it is not out of the ordinary to find up and coming designer clothing in part of a vintage clothing store. Most vintage clothing stores will carry a selection of slightly used new clothing of high quality. This is a great way to add a little designer touch to your wardrobe without absolutely taking all of your money. The next time you are ready for a wardrobe makeover take a look at these great local vintage clothing stores in Long Beach, California.

Later in Austrailia, Boye was finding the best vintage online in the “costume sections” of the thirft stores. Many items would be tailored to her own speficiations by perhaps shortening a dress, adding the perfect belt, heels, accessories, and voila…..her style of NOD TO MOD VINTAGE was born.

Big Bertha’s Bargain Basement says it all in their fabulous name. This vintage online is full of what they like to call extreme vintage wear. New items arrive daily so make sure you stop in Big Bertha’s more than once. You will definitely need to spend some time digging through all the clothing here. There are piles and piles of outrageous pieces perfect for a funky and colorful evening out. Some of these pieces may only get worn on Halloween or in the school play, but they will all put a smile on your face. Big Bertha’s Bargain Basement is located at 1050 South Lamar Boulevard, Austin, Texas, 78704. For more information contact them at (512) 444-2382.

Take heed, you are not the only one feeling doughty in your last year’s clothes, I don’t believe that replacing our wardrobe is the answer though. This is where you must find a few of the right items to update your look, you can achieve high end up to date style with just a few simple pieces. Some of this season’s best essentials are classic, easy to wear pieces in warm muted colors! Pay attention to color and texture!

I personally think your pieces are ultra fabulous and very reasonably priced. Marion Mercer is my latest ‘go-to’ site. Where do you see things developing from here?

Zoot suits, driving caps, tweed, suspenders, rolled up sleeves, these are just some of the characteristic male fashion trends of the 1920s. Pin stripe suits would tie in with the theme perfectly. Instead of having table numbers you could have themed table names such as the ‘Al Capone’ table and the ‘Charlie Chaplin’ table. Be creative. You could also have a best dressed competition amongst the guests, with the winner receiving a prize such as a bottle of Moet.

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Free Vintage Knitting Pattern: Columbia Minerva Tone

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