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You could also buy a website from eBay, make somebody create it for you or purchase one from an IM forum and then turn it around and sell it to somebody else. This is the magic of this business; you can outsource almost all the work and reap the profits just by doing a little bit of work.

Of course, if you have a little money to burn, this whole process can be sped up to almost overnight. Or, you can leverage skills you have, and then use that money to skip past promoting a Clickbank product and immediately buy the essential tools necessary.

Article marketing is one Organic SEO tactic every website should be using. Instead of paying high prices for seo services, why not write or hire someone to create keyword rich articles for your site. The benefits will surprise you.

Blog or Need I Say Website – till bloggen blogs are far more than what blogs were years or even months ago. Today they can be complete websites with all of the functionality previously only available with HTML type programming. It’s even possible to create a membership site including all of the sophisticated features just using a blog. Kind of cool….

Of WordPress blogs course in theory the answer is yes. For example, if you could rank on the front page of Google for the phrase ‘I want to buy a dog training book’ and your website pointed people to an affiliate site for a doctor in book, then yes you would make sales and commissions. The main problem lies in the fact that Google is not a set science. No one has actually fully cracked the Google code. We are not entirely sure on how Google ranks its websites or decide which ones will appear in the top 10. So this game is a little hit and misses.

So how do you get one way link? You can certainly get one way backlinks from article marketing, blog commenting, and forum posting. These are all effective methods but they do require a great deal of work. You can also send emails to webmasters whose sites are ranked highly in the search engines and ask if you can put an article on their website with a link to yours. This may work but you’ll quickly find that most of your emails will go unanswered.

26.Sell tools and useful items to myspace users like templates, layouts, and backgrounds. Too many marketers try to spam this service which is against their tos, so just build real friends and sell them cheap items that they can use on myspace, easy money! Make money on myspace by selling users things that they can use while they are on myspace.

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