Customer Satisfaction Survey To Determine How Customers Feel

Although I pass on participating in most surveys, because I feel their construction is usually such that they prompt and therefore report overly-cheerful findings, I hoped this one would be different.

So how will you find out which customers are happy and which are not? What is essential is how do you inquire? What are their preferences? And how preferably are they to suggest your business to others?

Why do customers harbour this mentality? Perhaps because they get the impression that something is wrong with the products sitting there. They look at the few remaining products and wonder: is that product defective? Has it gone out of style? Are these the “bottom-of-the-barrel” leftovers? You might not know exactly what they’re thinking, but one thing is for certain – they’re not buying it.

People put off decisions, even if they’re 90% sold on your product, they may still decide to “sleep on it”. Don’t let them have time to forget – give them an incentive to purchase now – discounts, bonuses etc.

The situation is – The restaurant owner sends a Free Dessert email coupon to all the customers who filled the wendyswantstoknow and provided their email addresses. They also include a “Forward to a Friend” option.

If you use public speaking to increase your visibility and generate leads for your business pass out an evaluation form to your audience. Make sure to ask at the end of the evaluation form, “May we use your name and comments in our marketing materials?” Have a space for them to check “yes” or “no,” along with their signature. Again, most people are delighted to have you use their comments!

If you have a dissatisfied customer, you have an opportunity. People who are unhappy will tell other people and so on and so forth. Get the picture? So, when you have a dissatisfied customer, you have an opportunity to have them experience your excellent service and to build an even stronger relationship with you. Accept complaints graciously and treat them as though they are nuggets of pure gold. These are your opportunities to improve and increase loyalty. So sort their problems out quickly and they will then tell others good things about you.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey To Determine How Customers Feel

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