Your Marketing Plan – The Basics Of Selling Your Writing

Attracting hungry or desperate buyers is no longer an option, but a must to achieve long term success. Why? Because the online marketplace continues to get so crowded with new competition, the days of slapping up a website, blog or email campaign and expecting hordes of people is long gone. One of the last chances for the little guy or gal to make a mark in the online world is to find a way to attract hungry or desperate buyers.

Most companies will spend a small fortune to attract a buyer with the above 3 qualities, in fact many do, it’s called advertising. But what about the small companies with little or no budget for slick ads or the money to hire a top gun copywriter. They have to get creative.

Another question to ask yourself is how to create a product that will bring in substantal profits. A beginning entrepreneur can be stopped dead in their tracks when it comes to coming up with ideas for a product. Will it be viable? What about back-end profits, is there a model for continuity? Finally, will your product be competing with similar products in the marketplace? How will you stand out above the crowd?

The link on Twitter is directed to Kim’s Instagram account. She labels the picture “Baby love”. Aww how sweet! Her 17 million Twitter followers went Wildposting comments on Kim’s Twitter and Instagram account.

D. Many social sites have blogs. This is a perfect spot to write some original content or even paste an article you may have collecting dust on your hard drive. Some of these blogs allow for html code, so be sure to utilize it with a link or two pointing back to your site. Be sure the article or blog entry has some important keywords, and be sure to put keywords in you anchor text of your links.

This is where the writing is performed. Take your notes from the research step and put them into a meaningful written conversation. You do not have to be much of a writer, just be able to put some thoughts together in a logical order. If need be you can have someone proofread your work if you are worried about it making sense.

Kim took two pictures of herself looking in the mirror showing off her beautiful baby bump. The first picture shows Kim’s baby bump covered by her shirt and then the second picture is of her bare stomach showing off her baby belly.

Make use of your email signature. Create an email signature that links to your product web page. When you send emails, it automatically attaches your marketing message at the end of each email. Most forums and discussion groups allow you to have signatures where you can also post your link.

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Your Marketing Plan – The Basics Of Selling Your Writing

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