World’s Deadliest Martial Art…What Is It?

When you do mixed martial arts as a practitioner, you can get many benefits from doing the sport. A lot of mental endurance will be required to do the sport well. Anyone that does MMA needs to be physically strong too. Your mind is very important along with your physical strength, something that many people fail to discuss. If you want to be successful with the sport, you also have to have quite a bit of endurance. Mental endurance, as well as muscular strength, must work together for you to be successful. Even if you want to quit, you have to be able to perform and function on-demand. It hurts when your body is full of lactic acid and your muscles are screaming at you. To assist you in getting your training on the right track, here are some suggestions you can use.

Of course, being younger and a bit reckless, I did engage in a couple of confrontations and was successful due to: physical conditioning and ability to hit and keep hitting. It was messy business and I was scared. But more scared than going back to being picked on. Straight and hook punches worked the best. A couple of kicks are handy, but if your foot gets grabbed, then you are on the ground. Regardless of what UFC does, the ground is not a good place to be.

11. Focus pads – These are used to improve timing, reaction and distancing skills when kicking. Your partner will have 2 x focus pads and both of you will be moving around like you are sparring, your partner will randomly reveal the focus pad on either hand and you have to kick the pad as quickly as you can. 3 x 3 minute rounds with 30 second rests.

Muscle fatigue is something you do not want to experience in a MMA bout if possible. When your muscles build up lactic acid, you will feel like you have concrete in your body weighing you down. This type of situation goes only one direction – you losing the fight! Your overall muscle endurance can build up through circuit training everyday. If you’re not familiar with circuit training, it’s a grueling workout involving high repetitions of the exercises you choose without rest in between sets. Anyone that does this type of training will certainly build up their endurance. The stress their body undergoes allows this to happen. Devote time for this more than the other guy, and you’ll last longer on the mat.

Recently I have had cause to reflect on the direction of my life and the changes taking place in it. I kept coming back to something that I tell my students all the time in class…Train From the Heart. Now, this doesn’t just apply to their kung fu in kolkata. This is also something I ask them to apply in their everyday lives.

It’s a good thing that consumers want new experiences because ultimately an experience is what you offer. Plus, when people use more electronics the natural tendency is to want some sort of built in break to connect with people in the real world. Your martial arts school can be that connection.

Being “up to speed” is so important. That means looking at the ways you utilize technology to enhance the experience of your prospects and students. It means being efficient in how you communicate using the multiple platforms available to you. No– you don’t have to put robots in charge of your classes and you really don’t even need any fancy attendance tracking software if you don’t want. Start with the big things…

Don’t worry about putting everything into practice immediately, just take one or two things and try them out. Part of your training is taking what you find useful from others and tweaking it to your liking.

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World’s Deadliest Martial Art…What Is It?

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