Valentines Day Ideas That Will Not Break The Bank! Interested?

Hey folks it’s Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays. Years ago before we lost the back bone to stand for what we believe you would hear this joy filled greeting no matter where you went. I myself enjoyed shouting across the square. “Merry Christmas Mr Goldstein” “Merry Christmas Mohamed” not because I wanted to convert them to my way of thinking but because I wished to share my true happiness and joy of the season.

I decided to start the article with the most famous love poet of all time Shakespeare. These are three of my favorite Shakespeare quotes and valentines day quotes for him.

Once the photo on the front of the card has dried, turn the card over. On the back side, using a Sharpie marker, or dark ink pen write you own personal message. Now your card is complete and ready to give.

If you are lucky enough to live near a beach, a Moonlight lit beach walk is an excellent idea. Hold hands and walk along the beach bare foot. The peace, the spending of time together, the tranquil sound of the waves, the rush of water soaking your feet, and walking without knowing where the end is. Sounds great doesn’t it! Even having a beach dinner would be romantic. Under the lights of stars, excellent ambiance around, it truly is a time when you can share your true and most intimate feelings with your partner.

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a day for love, people give presents and red roses to each other. Red roses are sign of true love for valentine. Some people buy the heart shaped red valentine cards. Because Valentine’s Day is about love, maximum people give roses to the person they love.

Cut a heart shape out of white construction paper. Write a message in white crayon. Then put the heart in an envelope along with a note explaining to your child that she needs to paint the valentine red for the words to appear. Go one step further and drop it in the mail.

Many couples are celebrating Valentine’s Day today with lots of chocolates and flowers. However, some celebrities are not just focusing on themselves, but also on those who may not have a partner. And one of those is part of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast. According to a new tweet released on Feb. 14, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Stewart’s husband Kordell Stewart sent out a sweet tweet to all the single mothers who are struggling to raise children on their own. He wanted them to know that he was thinking of them on the day of love.

A final thought. I hope whatever gift you received was received with graciousness. There is never an excuse for bad manners and the best way to ensure that a man won’t want to give you any more gifts is if you act like an ungrateful bitch- which us Diva’s do NOT. Ever. For any reason. Happy Valentines Day.

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Valentines Day Ideas That Will Not Break The Bank! Interested?

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