Team Building – Not Just For Sports

Have you ever been part of a highly functioning team? One where your unique talents were valued, and where you were highly energized every time you were with this team? If you have been so fortunate, you are probably in the minority.

A fun event for your team activity could be to have a dunk tank to dunk your boss. Dunk tanks are available at many party rental companies. This option is cleaner than throwing pies at your boss and can be cool and refreshing for your boss during the summer months.

This could be in work hours, outside work hours. Maybe you host it in the hotel next door, at a client’s premises, a favourite restaurant or in a foreign country. The vital ingredient is the attendees shouldn’t feel like it is a day at work – even if the event is about escape room. To shake up the dynamics and office politics, they must feel like they are not presently within one. If you don’t do this, your money was wasted on an expensive ‘Monday morning’.

More and more business owners are engaging a Business or Executive Coach to help them do the things they haven’t yet learned how to do themselves. Why?

He did work his MLM home based business some, but very little. However, the power of his MLM business took over and his income managed to increase while he was out spending time with his family.

A picture on my desk of me crossing the finish line has opened numerous conversations with nearly everyone I met on a project team I had joined. I started running with colleagues at lunch and many became good friends. I celebrated others when they ran marathons and we formed lasting bonds. All of this builds personal relationships that make professional relationships that much stronger.

Business professionals are the same; it’s not one successful deal that determines a career but the ability of a professional to consistently perform and improve the bottom line over time that matters. Business training comes in forms of academics, continuing education or professional training. This is all necessary in order reach a long term business goal.

One advantage to corporate team building means you have a lower rater of turnover. This basically means you have less people leaving your employment to seek other positions. In turn this eliminates the high rate of training periods that are required for employees before they can start to become productive for your business.

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Team Building – Not Just For Sports

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