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It’s no secret that New York is a fashion capital of the world. Beginning on Sept. 5, New York City will prove their fashion sense to the world as all eyes will be watching New York’s Fashion Week.

Many food trucks have had a positive ‘health’ impact on New York as a result of their inexpensive and healthy food options. These buy food truck have done an amazing job by getting their ‘buzz’ through social media channels, their own website, and word of mouth.

Another of my favorite trucks is named, aptly enough – Street Sweets. In my opinion, Street Sweets has by far the best vanilla cupcake in the New York City vending truck world. The cupcakes are dense and sweet (but not overly so) and have a pure vanilla taste and scent. The brownies made by the Street Sweets truck are good as well, especially the day after you buy them when they get just a little chewier.

“Parking nearby is a little more crowded,” Laundroche said. “A lot of reunion people like to use the shuttle from the high school because they find it convenient.

This truck is available 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. daily and offers delivery of their fresh squeezed juices. Bonus: they also offer a guided juice cleanse! Visit their website for additional information.

When companies first begin, their ideals and philosophy are certainly established one way, and then after three decades or so have past, most companies would probably have changed those beliefs, but not Odell.

What do you anticipate the next big food trend will be? Alternative ways to serve your food. The pressures of opening a restaurant in San Francisco along with the current economy are making food trucks and carts more appealing. Everything and anything that’s good, whether it’s art or food, responds to the times…I mean, who really wants to sign a lease right now? If you look at the next year or two in San Francisco, people serving food in different, creative ways will be out there more and more. Even we’ve started an outdoor lunch barbeque outside of Town Hall on weekdays. Initially we were worried it’d take away from the indoor restaurant, but it’s a totally different clientele base. People are responding to it.

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