Moments You Don’t Want To Miss: Top 5 Shots For Wedding Photographers

It’s Lincoln’s Birthday again and to celebrate the Booker T. Washington National Monument an appearance by Smith Mountain Lake resident and historical interpreter Ms. Beatrice Iceman, who will portray a woman who knew Lincoln. and his wife, Mary. This reinactment with questions and answers afterwards will be presented Saturday Feburary 12 at two in the afternoon, admission is free.

Have your reception in your or a friend or relative’s home. You will save on the cost of renting a building for the reception which can be one of the biggest wedding expenses. This really works to decrease costs when you also have a potluck instead of a caterer.

Third and most importantly, make sure your name is visible on the front of the photo. If you are wearing a black shirt, your name should be printed in white. If you are wearing a white shirt, your name should be printed in black. Make sure your name is spelled correctly, and is the way that you will want it to appear in the credits if you land the role that you are auditioning for.

Start by talking to everyone you know, whether they need a lifestyle or not. If they don’t, they may know someone who does. Don’t be afraid to talk up your business and don’t be embarrassed to ask your friends and family to start passing the word. You’re not asking them to do the work. You’re just asking them to keep you in mind.

That is the biggest scam in the industry, mainly pushed by photographers and makeup artists that want your money. Look, go online and find any modeling agency where you live. I’m not talking about modeling agencies that find models for the local liquor store, the local restaurant, or the local nightclub when they have special events. Contact a modeling agency that has international and national clients. Ask them if they want professional photos. I guarantee you that 99% of them will say they only want basic photos with the girl wearing no makeup.

One morning I went into Cathedral and stopped at just inside the door, deciding which way I would walk, which new golden era celeb’s resting place I wanted to put my carnations bought on the way to the cemetery. As I stood in the middle of the marble floor out of the corner of my eye I saw a person walking out of the corridor to my right. He walked into the the main corridor in front of me and up to the corridor to the left and up one hallway. I glanced over at him as he passed just noting he was wearing black pants, that were tight at the waist and loose through the legs, with a white shirt tucked into his pants neatly. He wore shinny black shoes.

First and foremost, what you wear is extremely important. Ladies, do not spackle on the make-up. Casting Directors like to see a natural look, whether you are 4 or 104. Make-up is perfectly fine, as long as the “real you” still shines through. Don’t worry if you have a pimple– that is what editing is for. The editor will be able to “air brush” your skin so that it looks flawless. If you wear too much makeup, that can cause a problem. Wear a solid top. Patterns, such as stripes and plaid, pull focus from your face and onto the pattern. You want the Casting Director to notice you, not what you are wearing. Since the end result will be in black and white, it is a good idea to wear black, white or gray.

Go somewhere of great significance to your partner’s past…the house he or she grew up in, their high school or middle school. You get the idea. The more significant to them, the better. Set up a picnic there and spend the evening talking about the happy moments that they experienced there. Your date there will be the cap stone of their experiences…the very last good memory that they had in that place. And, who knows, you might just learn something new about your sweetie!

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Moments You Don’t Want To Miss: Top 5 Shots For Wedding Photographers

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