Love Is In The Air – Will The Royal Wedding Bring A Little Romance Into All Our Lives?

A holiday romance is something we all seek during our lifetimes. A faraway paradise that we end up sharing with someone we believe could be our soul mate is a serene thought. A thought however that many people manage to realise when it comes to holidays. But is it actually true love or just the right place at the right time? Something you both love the idea of, but would never measure up in the real world.

On this piece of paper I have a personalized note to the receiver congratulating them on being the new owner of the book, and a quick note suggesting that if they enjoy what they’re receiving (or if I’m mailing a book in a different genre, I suggest that if they like to laugh) they should also consider checking out MY book.

As far as romantic destinations in Florida go, it doesn’t get much more romantic that the Bayfront Westcott House’s sexshop package. For an additional fee (on top of the room rate), the Westcott House will be happy to provide you with chilled champagne upon arrival, scented candles lit in your room and a dozen roses to grace your accommodations. You will also be treated to a carriage ride through the streets of St. Augustine on a historic tour, and a Ghost Walk is even part of the package on weekends (nothing brings a couple closer together than being scared!).

Numbers 7, 16, 61, 25, 52,34,43 will also be important. Directions southeast and North are extremely important. Seven is an odd number so things that happen this day are not conventional run of the mill happenings. They are artsy, different. There was a con done. Music plays into it. A mediator would have been better. Legalities crop up.

Set the tone for an incredible lovemaking experience with a little forethought and some of his favourite tender treats. It will leave your partner with a tingling feeling and he will be begging for more!

Camping. Most campgrounds offer free patterns for tents. Spend the evening under the stars. Make smores and relax by the fire. Listen to the crickets. Often the best dates are those that you spend a lot of thought is not money. Anyone can spend money on dinner and a movie, and yet it is very unique for someone to make a date to go to the farmer’s market and select fresh produce for dinner.

Romance is as essential to a woman as breathing – so that should tell all you men out there just how much of a premium a woman places on this intangible quality in a relationship.

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Love Is In The Air – Will The Royal Wedding Bring A Little Romance Into All Our Lives?

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