It Is Your Wedding Video & Uncle Mike Is Drunk

At present, couples who plan a wedding never miss out their wedding videographer. Cinematic wedding film have become a requirement in all wedding as a souvenir of that special day. For those unfamiliar with this, it is a documentary of the wedding made with an artistic touch. Comparing it with the traditional documentary, this is shorter. The most fascinating thing about it is that with the length, it is able to show all the important details of the wedding. This has caught the interest of a lot of couples who need videos for their wedding.

I understand the importance of a quality video. Photographs capture a moment in time. They can be staged and many are copy-cat from wedding to wedding. Your wedding, however, is unique. You deserve to have memories captured in high quality that you can enjoy for years to come, and even share with your children.

These are the most common factors to consider. The market in your area will dictate how much you’ll pay. Hop on Google and do some online research by typing in “Las Vegas Wedding video Portugal“. The searches can do a lot to help you budget your wedding video. Some videographers will charge by the hour, while others will provide one flat package price. Other services, such as a same day edit, may cost extra.

Before the day of the ceremony can be found on the wedding and reception sites and find some good places to stand while recording video. Be sure to avoid all ice machines, air conditioners, speakers and other important sources of background noise. Some of the videos will be music, but the ceremony itself and at other times have good audio quality and a good shot to talk video.

We are getting a little abstract with this one. There won’t be anything tangible to grab onto here and check off your list, however this is really important. How a company approaches your wedding day will greatly affect your final product. Some approach weddings with a “strictly business” mentality. Decisions made and efforts exerted are based on money. Products are churned out in assembly line fashion and flexibility is limited across the board. Others treat your wedding day as YOUR special day and their primary goal is to give you the most personalized, intimate remembrance as possible. If you can’t get a good feel for the videography company’s philosophy, just ask them. This is rare and may catch them off guard, but if they HAVE a philosophy it’ll be easy to explain.

OK, we know you need flowers at your wedding – that’s a florist, we can’t help there. You might book a band – we could suggest M C Hammer? (You probably shouldn’t listen to us). You will almost certainly hire a photographer, in which case we can make a few great recommendations. But what about hiring someone to capture your day through sight AND sound? Someone who will turn your day into the next Sundance Official Selection? What about booking a videographer?

#4. Ask for a contract. Before signing off on anything make sure to request a contract and read the fine print. You want to be fully aware of the terms and conditions so everyone is happy. Your videographer gets paid on time and your video arrives on time. Can’t beat that.

These tips and tricks are derived from both my experience as a videographer of over one thousand weddings and from some of the leading wedding photographers in the industry.

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It Is Your Wedding Video & Uncle Mike Is Drunk

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