How To Make Your Business Social Media Marketing Effective

Bloggers often wonder how long a blog posting should be. Oddly most bloggers err on the side of posting overly long posts rather than posts that they may think are too short. The reality is you are better off with frequent shorter posts rather than longer posts less frequently.

For users who are using Twitter it gets easier showcasing their business as almost everyone gets to see what you have in your kitty. Depending on the relevancy of your article people decide weather to follow you or not . It spreads a lot quicker because here you do not have to wait for your page to be crawled and indexed . Even if you have only one article on your site you will still get visitors to your site just by putting up new updates which hence will reach your followers. If you do not have any followers look for people who are in search for relevant stuff and start following them.

Do you see where we are going with this? You become an expert on the subject. You may appear on local TV and radio. All this will be reflected in your resume and cover letter. Your continued learning, writing and speaking will put you in contact with prospective employers.

We need time to keep up with all our friends and contacts on Twitter, Facebook, Ryze, and our s, not to mention answering emails, writing super-excellent blog posts, and submitting top-quality articles to article directories. And guess what? If you really want to dominate your niche you need to do all of this 5 or 7 days a week! Aack! Can you say overwhelm?

It helps your search engine rankings. Blogs are updated frequently, and that gives your website an edge in the search engines. As you write about the things that are important in your business and industry, you’ll naturally include relevant keywords as well–and your site is likely to start ranking for at least a few of them. One of the most obvious benefits of blogging is that it brings added visibility in the search engines.

Now you need to create an opt-in page where people can sign up for your newsletter. This is the page where you get your subscribers. You need to make sure that you stress the benefits of signing up to your newsletter and the gifts they receive for signing up.

It is one of the best ways to get links because people can use your submitted articles on thier sites or in publishing as long as they keep your authors box in it’s original form.

To learn more about creative writing, check out Tools & Tactics for Creative Writers, or my new book for writers, Polish and Publish. And, of course, you can see dozens of articles for and about writers at Boston Writing Careers.

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How To Make Your Business Social Media Marketing Effective

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