Golf Trophies- The Real Prize

Did you know that purchasing a home is an emotional process? Most people decide in less than twenty seconds, yes, twenty seconds if a particular house is for them. Not only that, but buyers look at an average of twelve homes before they make the momentous decision to buy a home.

It is possible that the Fame & Reputation Area is partly in one room and partly in another. It is often outside, as well. Still, what is there? What does that “say” about the people who live in the home?

The video game gives the user the control to navigate Tiger around road obstacles such as his Hole In One Trophy and other golfing paraphernalia. Trees and fire hydrants are also in abundance down this course that Tiger drives off on. Elin follows very close behind waving the golf club. The climax is, of course, Tiger’s crash, and at this point Elin makes contact on Tiger with the golf club. The window smashes and there is even some blood as she beats Tiger about the head.

Almost inevitably, there will be video footage of the deceased somewhere in a cupboard on one or another member of the family. You just have to ask around. Maybe a birthday or just a family barbecue. Nothing brings a person back into our memories better than video – ideally with audio also.

Repaint the existing baths even if you do not think they need it. They do. Use neutral colors and repaint the ceilings as well. Paint your entryway, even if it looks great to you. A fresh coat of paint is cheap and works wonders.

Alas Congress can’t leave well enough alone. Pressures from the White House, from banking and business lobbyists (who spent in excess of $500 billion lobbying Congress over the past 10 years*), from special interests, from banks themselves, is swaying them. Unlike the public who, when they visit the same banks we’re being asked to bail out for a low interest loan or to beg for the removal of a criminally high overdraft fee, they don’t understand that ‘no’ means ‘no’. They are trying to dress up the pig (no disrespect to Governor Palin intended) and see if they can slip it through anyway. Just as they slipped the $25 billion loan to the car companies Friday night. In the real world we call this a slight of hand.

Fling open your windows every day to make a cross breeze and to completely change the stale air in the house. While you are doing this, it is an opportunity to check that your windows and frames are perfectly clean with no tell-tale condensation marks.

However, first impressions are very important, so have soft music playing, swing the door wide open to give a spacious feeling and make sure that Fido does not come bounding up.

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Golf Trophies- The Real Prize

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