Dust Mite Air Cleaner—5 Best Features To Have

So your new carpet has been installed, and it looks lovely. The only trouble is you can’t breathe, your eyes are burning, and you have a headache that won’t quit.

If you regularly suffer from sore throat and congested nasal passages due to dry air, a good humidifier will certainly go a long way to alleviate these problems. A fine quality recirculating humidifier will ensure that the air in your bedroom doesn’t dry out and also that the heat in the room is evenly distributed.

The Ability To Operate 24 Hours—Pollutants don’t take a break and your filtration system shouldn’t have to either. Filtering the air continuously is the best way to keep dust and other pollutants low. That means you and your avian friend can literally breathe easy because the air quality is kept healthier.

A feature your air purifier should have is a HEPA filter. Yes, you will pay more for an air purifier which uses HEPA filters. However, in this case, you get what you pay for. A HEPA filter does the best job at eliminating air impurities. A HEPA filter must meet a strict set of government regulations. The regulations are overseen by the Department of Energy.

Leaving them there with the new carpet means they are exposed to it for many more hours than you are, and those that are on the floor have their noses close to it all the time. These chemicals are not healthy for them to breathe either.

Nasal Discharge- Commonly caused by dust, bacteria and even feather dust. Certain species like Cockatoos, Macaws etc produce a large amount of it. In case the discharge is colored and abnormal it is a normal clearing of respiratory passages. If it is colored, take the bird to a vet.

Is it possible to get one purifier that does pet hair and dander as well as odor? If the unit contains a high efficiency particle arresting (or HEPA) filter in addition to the inner filter that eliminates odor, it will remove airborne pet hair and dander as small as.3 microns in size. And being a pet lover, you know that this is an important option to have.

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Dust Mite Air Cleaner—5 Best Features To Have

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