10 Days To A 1,000 Followers – The Twitter Effect

I’ll start of bluntly. Social Networking is a huge time sucker… because it’s about making “friends” (who are not really your friends). In order to forge real relationships with social networking sites you’ll need to devote massive energy to it.

What is it that you love? That very thing that you feel good about doing or that message that you want to tell the world is the very topic you should be focusing on. Somethings that isn’t going to be tiresome to you and that you can not wait to talk about or even write about. What is that you’ve been wanting to do for a long time? What is it that you think that you can help someone with and would love every minute of it? Write down a few things.

Back in my early Myspace days I became acquainted with a filmmaker named Craig who had spent a year shooting and making his first low budget feature film for under $5,000. Craig was a student. At one point Craig uploaded a significant amount of his footage to an Internet archive site and he didn’t have the money to renew his membership. His account was scheduled for termination and he was going to lose his footage. Craig put a request on Myspace for donations. He only needed $30 and he had 1400 “friends.” On the day his account was to be terminated he’d raised $0, so I paid the $30 directly to his ISP.

I am not saying you shouldn’t have a presence in social networking. You probably should, but building your marketing around such an unmeasurable method is a house of cards.

Today I have a functioning system that does indeed connect me with new followers and keeps my current followers engaged and informed. It effectively augments my normal networking activities. But Twitter Traffic Machine is absolutely not a “set it and forget it system,” unless, of course, the thing you wish to forget is your reputation in the social media community.

Secondly, you need to develop a content lineup. What on earth would your audience possibly want to visit your site for? Answer that question, and you are well on your way to developing a site that delivers on their expectations. Plan out your content well in advance and engage in a social media campaign that attracts people that are most likely to be interested in what you have to say. When it comes time to broadcast your content, you will be glad that you have your team of Facebook friends and buy real twitter followers to see what you have produced.

Twitter has becoming popular social networking site since its founding in 2006. Recent statistics shows that twitter users are approximately 75 million. This is the huge number and many entrepreneurs think that twitter is the ideal place for promoting their business but the problem is how to advertise their products to targeted customers. The whole point of advertising on twitter is to pass your message to targeted customers and this can be achieved if you have a reasonable number of followers, otherwise who will see your tweets. So what you should do from the beginning is to constantly build a list of followers, the more followers you get the more exposure for your business.

D.) Set advertisements in every 10th tweet; This depends on how much relationship you have with your twitter followers. It is easier for someone to buy from you if he/she has relationship with you. Too much promotions ruin relationship. If you have a blog, then it is good idea to drive traffic to your blog, where your blog will do soft selling for you.

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10 Days To A 1,000 Followers – The Twitter Effect

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